Saxophone lifestyle


Locoparasaxo™ wall-mounted stands are used daily by musicians in over 30 countries

Curved Soprano
Curved Soprano stand Baby Brecker

Soprano & Sopranino
Straight Soprano stand Solo
Alto saxophone stand Parker

Alto & Tenor
Alto & Tenor saxophone stand Brecker

Alto & Tenor
Alto & Tenor saxophone stand Prince

Alto & Tenor
Tenor stand saxophone Pony Boy
Baritone stand Prince Bari

Clarinet & Flute
Clarinet & Flute stand PeeWee

Trumpet & Cornet
Trumpet & Cornet stand Dizzy


For most instruments, and in particular for saxophones, careful handling and secure storage is essential to retain their perfect playing condition. Secure storage is the key feature of our stands. Instruments placed in our stands are 100% safe, always handy and beautifully on display, even in potentially hazardous environments anywhere in your home, studio or shop.


Locoparasaxo™ is a division of BXO artistic ironworks, based in the Netherlands. Artistic design and production is at the core of our activities and we take pride in the quality and durability of our wrought iron products. BXO is known for custom made, functional objects for home, garden and business. In March 2009 was succesfully launched to make our newly designed saxophone wall-mounts available to the world. Over time stands for other wind instruments were added to the collection.

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