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Saxophone stand Brecker made by Locoparasaxo wall-mounted stands with tenor

Saxophone stand Brecker

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Wall-mounted stand for tenor saxophone

This shapely stand fits tenor saxophones perfectly and is constructed from solid steel. The upper bracket is welded on at the right angle. Still, it might be adjusted slightly by hand to make it just a hair wider for the radius of the bell to sink in entirely.  Its bow support is adjustable over 13 to 20 cm or 5 to 8 inches measured from the center of the upper bracket. This has proven to be an ideal distance for most tenor saxophones. For the padding to protect your precious horn we chose a high-friction compound rubber tubing. It keeps a firm grip on any polished metal surface. Rub this durable material with a cloth and a dash of silicone spray twice a year to maintain it, and to keep its color lush and dark. Having it on the wall, and ready for action makes you play more and practice more! The only way to get where you want to be! Bonus: saves space and prevents accidents, frustration, stress, and repair bills! 

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For: Tenor, Weight: 480gr, ean: 7435113690672