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Saxophone stand Parker

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Wall-mounted stand for alto saxophone

It is our view that if you own an alto saxophone, you would want a stand specific for that particular instrument. Hence the "Parker"! Designed to have as little presence as possible, while still being perfectly safe, this stand is excellent for parking your alto sax. Mount it anywhere on a wall in your home or studio. Have your precious saxophone, a true work of art and ingenuity gloriously on display, ready to go!

Now for the tech specs. As you can see in the pics the bow-support can be put in three positions. Just in case a valve guard is in the way.  If you want to check : it is adjustable from 4 to 5.5 inches or 11 to 14.5 cm measured from the bottom of the upper bracket. The latter has a 6 mm. steel core welded firmly on the saxstand's body. For padding we used a special high friction rubber tubing, firmly resisting any movement your saxophone may want to make. Put it in straight, it will stay straight. Put it in crooked, it will stay crooked! It has a firm grip on your precious sax. Distance from the center of the stand to the wall is 9 cm or 3.5 inches in case you want to check. The round wall plate has a thickness of 3 mm. and the same number of holes for solid mounting. Wallplugs, screws, are supplied as usual, as well as black screw covers for that finishing touch!

Especially if you own several saxophones and/or other wind instruments it is great to incorporate them in your interior, and maybe group them together on a wall, just for the sheer joy of looking at them! Or start with one, and give your instrument a soft and safe home base on the wall, have it ready for action and play, play, play!

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For: Alto, Weight: 400gr, ean: 7435113690689