About us

Locoparasaxo is a division of BXO artistic ironworks, based in the Netherlands. For an impression of our products, please visit bxo.nu

Artistic design and production is at the core of our activities and we take pride in the quality and durability of our products. BXO is known for functional wrought iron objects for home, garden and business. Locoparasaxo.com was succesfully launched in March 2009 to make our newly designed saxophone wall-mounts available to the world. Over time stands for other wind instruments were added to the collection.
We have consistantly increased sales in this niche market, both through our website and through select dealers in western Europe.

Our stands allow you to store your instrument just about anywhere in your home, studio or shop without exposing it to the hazards that usually threaten an instrument placed in a floor-based stand. Think of kids, pets, vacuum cleaners etc. Locoparasaxo manufactures wall-mounted instrument stands of excellent quality and reliability, and we have made it our mission to introduce them to musicians and music aficionados all over the world.

The idea for wall-mounted sax stands was actually conceived out of nescessity at a moment I was playing saxophone in a very crowded studio where just about every square foot was taken with people, instruments, cables and all kinds of gear. On breaks I kept my tenor in my lap because there was just no safe place to put it down. Looking around, It occurred to me there was plenty of room on the walls. All I needed was a wall-mounted sax stand!
Since I’m a metal artisan by trade it didn’t take me long to put together a few prototypes which were extremely well received by my sax-wielding friends. In fact so well that it convinced me to make them into finished products to offer to saxophone players around the world. So I designed a line of wall mounted saxophone stands that are stylish, reliable, easy to mount and will last a life time. All components are carefully selected, and the steel frames are powdercoated and oven-baked for durability and a beautiful finish.

Kind regards, Paddy Melis CEO