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Trombone Stand Shorty - Locoparasaxo

Trombone Stand Shorty

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This compact wall-mounted trombone stand is nothing short of perfect to carry your horn perfectly safe, and nicely on display. It is a solid wall mount for tenor or bass trombone! Out of the way from the hustle and bustle at ground level, like kids, cats, dogs, etc. Anywhere you like, on a wall, in a room. With the slide unlocked and dropping into the lower brackets, the whole instrument is locked in the stand. Lifting it out you'll lock the slide again so no surprises there.

At its core is a 6 mm steel rod fitted with our high-friction rubber compound tubing to protect your precious horn, and to keep its position once placed on the stand. The round wall plate has a thickness of 3 mm. and the same number of holes for solid mounting. Comes with screws and wall-plugs as well as black screw covers for that finishing touch!

Especially if you own several trombones and/or other wind instruments it is great to incorporate them in your interior, and maybe group them together on a wall, just for the sheer joy of looking at them! Or start with just one, and give your instrument a soft and safe home base on the wall, have it ready for action and play, play, play!

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For: Trombone, Weight: 250gr, ean: 7435113692683