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Trumpet stand Woody

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This subtle stand for Trumpet and Cornet cradles your instrument in a horizontal position on any wall. Of course, a trumpet is a relatively small wind instrument which is easy to keep handy for practice or play on your desk or a shelf nearby. Still, up and away from the hustle and bustle at lower levels with kids, cats, dogs, etc. is infinitely better.

Wall-mounted stand Woody was designed to have as little presence as possible, while still being perfectly safe. At its core is a 6 mm steel rod fitted with our high-friction rubber compound tubing to protect your precious horn, and to keep its position once placed on the stand. The round wall plate has a thickness of 3 mm. and the same number of holes for solid mounting. Wallplugs, screws, are supplied as usual, as well as black screw covers for that finishing touch!

Especially if you own several trumpets and/or other wind instruments it is great to incorporate them in your interior, and maybe group them together on a wall, just for the sheer joy of looking at them! Or start with one, and give your instrument a soft and safe home base on the wall, have it ready for action and play, play, play! 

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For: Cornet, Trumpet, Weight: 200gr, ean: 7435113692676