Mounting Dizzy

In order to mount it perfectly straight up please unscrew the black ball from the peg and mount the wall plate first with one screw at the top. Then re-assemble everything. Carefully place your instrument on the peg and check that its position is really straight. Then mark the remaining holes for drilling or drive the screws in straightaway if it is mounted on wood. Make sure your instrument can be put on and taken off without hitting the ceiling or any other obstacle.

Especially with drywall it is of utmost importance to find a spot that offers solid footing for the screws, and has a stud or beam directly behind it. For stone walls you will have to drill holes with a ¼ inch drill bit and insert the wallplugs and screws. The little caps are to cover the screws. Put hem on the tip of your forefinger and place them over the screw’s head. Then, with a twisting movement of your finger feel for their proper position over the slot, then just push them in. Use some glue if all else fails.
If you use a cordless drill for the screws, make sure its chuck doesn’t damage the coating.

If for some reason you are not sure how or where to mount it, please contact us or get some professional help!