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Saxophone stand Exhibit Tenor

Saxophone stand Exhibit Tenor

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Desktop  stand for tenor saxophone

Especially for tradeshows, repair shops and playing rooms we came up with this one: the Exhibit stand. Turns out its great for use at home too!

It is to be mounted on a flat, horizontal surface like a shelve, workbench or a table.  The design of the base makes this a rock-solid saxophone stand. Especially if you want to work on the mechanics, it is nice to have both hands free. Apart from their size the alto and tenor variants are identical and have the same adjustable bow support. The four short screws that come with it, will pin it down really well. Comes with screwcaps too for a neat finish!

Mounting instructions not required, we presume...

Mounting instructions

are easy, and shipped with every order, together with screws and screw caps for a neat finish!


steel, rubber.

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bright familyroom with sofa and two saxophones mounted on the wall

"It is ever so satisfying when you just received and mounted the stands and you slip your horns in and admire the view! The sheer joy of looking at those amazing instruments! And they add a lot of style and grace to our livingroom too." One of our customers wrote....

Give your instrument a safe home base on the wall, enjoy its good looks and play more!